Welcome to our website ! Nowadays on the web you can easily find information, comments or reviews about locations, where to sleep, where to eat or what to visit. Many opinions provided by different travellers who certainly visited Lucca, but that probably didn’t know anything about the best of the city where we live!

We would instead like you to know that our team have personally visited all the holiday apartments, b&b, restaurants and osterias you will find in this website, and we decided to list them only because we’ve tried their services and we’re sure about what they’re offering.

The villas you will find, instead, are provided by Salogi Villas, the most important company in Lucca in property rentals since 1984, we personally know the owner and we’re sure you will find the best quality and service with them.

Il nido della Rondine

Claudio’s Office at Il nido della Rondine

Claudio, the Manager, is also the Hotel Manager of a nice aparthotel in Lucca called Il Nido della Rondine. He has got an office there where you can go and visit him, he his available in case you need any other information.

Naturally, We know that you could search for more details about what we’re saying on the web and we are not suggesting to only trust Us! You can easily visit other websites and compare what they say about the same topics, but be aware that probably the owners of those sites have never seen any of the places they list!

In certain sense with our project we would like to go back to the past, where simply and real things were more important, and we could ask a man, not an automatic system.

Our face is on this website. We hope you will find it trustworthy.