Hills around Lucca

Hills around Lucca

Hills around Lucca

If you come to Lucca, you should take some time to visit its hills on the North-East part of the city. They are renowned for their beautiful landscapes and great quality products they here produce.

These hills are a perfect environment to grow olive trees and grapevines. The town has developed thematic routes, basing on the production of these goods. The routes cross all the hills and give the tourist the chance to visit farms or agriturismo (farm holidays) and taste their wines and olive oil. You can choose among several routes, like:

  • Percorso dell’Olio (Olive oil route)
  • Percorso del Vino (Wine route)
  • Percorso dell’Acqua (Water route)

Even water is actually one of the main resources of the hills. There is a special route that connect several springs. On each water-station, there is a panel in which is shown the water chemical analysis, with its main chemical and mineral characteristics, a short history of the spring and a map with the whole route of the “Good water route”. So residents and tourists can enjoy for free this natural and precious resource.

Montecarlo - Lucca

Montecarlo – Lucca

On the slopes of the Pizzorne plateau, there is also the Wine Route, a touristic-gastronomic route that go through the Commune of Lucca, Capannori, Montecarlo, Porcari and Altopascio. For example, in Tofori, a small town in the Commune of Capannori, you can go visit the cellars of the Tenuta di Fubbiano (Fubbiano farm), renowned for its PDO extra virgin olive oil and its DOC (registered designation of origin) wines.

Last but not least, the Olive Oil Route. Lucca is famous for oil production and here you can enjoy visiting farms and oil mills. The aim of this route is to open to the tourists the doors of the main oil mills, letting them taste their tasty oil and enjoying the breathtaking landscapes: usually oil mills have extraordinary views on Lucca plain.

On the hills, the town has also developed several tracks for the “green tourism”, as tracks for mountain bikes and trekking. In the tourist office at the Commune of Capannori, you can find available free maps of these tracks. They are also available for download on the website of the Commune (http://www.capannori-terraditoscana.org/altro/download_di_materiale_informativo_turistico.html).

San Gennaro

San Gennaro

You cannot also miss visiting the characteristic small village of San Gennaro and Petrognano. There are lots of restaurants in this little borgo, where you will have the chance to enjoy typical dishes from Lucca.

Wandering around the hills in Lucca, you will discover an area where not all the tourists mind to go: here you will enjoy gentle hills facing an amazing view of the plain of Lucca. All you need is a car, a relaxed and quiet mood, and some time to let yourself been mollycoddled by romantic landscapes, natural and genuine food and nice people you will meet on your tour!

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